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Graphics Workstations

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Workstation for
Video editing | 3D Modeling | GPU rendering | Media & Entertainment

A Workstation computer for 3D modeling by Ktech Media is a powerful machine with advanced hardware and software. Its dual display capabilities and high-speed processors ensure a smooth and seamless workflow. Dual monitordesign provides a comfortable workspace and minimal noise.

Ktech Media Solution is a leading innovator in high-performance workstation computers and rendering systems. They are also designed for media & entertainment, engineering, product design and architecture.Designed and built for Computer-Aided-Design, Digital Content Creation and Rendering applications. Optimised for CAD and Media & Entertainment.

Reduce bottlenecks, speed up workflows, and enjoy the unparalleled performance that you want for your work. You can definitely rely on our workstations.

We offer technical services for “professional customers”, including event producers, show managers, interior designers, architects, system integrators and system administrators. We work with them to create audio-visual impact in multi-media projects.

We strive to provide the best audio-visual experience possible through professional expertise and innovative ideas in multi-display and multimedia technology.

We Specialize in:

* Design and consulting

* Research and development

* Hardware, technical specifications, and software

* Project planning and hardware and software purchases, on-site installations, commissioning, and training.


Editing Workstation & Laptop

Apple, HP, Dell, & Hackintosh, & Customize Workstations & laptop-for-

  • Video editing

  • 3D modelling

  • GPU rendering

  • Media & Entertainment


Editing Workstation & Laptop for your Creativity

Video & Audio editing

From editing and visual effects, to animation, colour grading, and sound design, accelerate your film and video workflow with workstations purpose-built for motion media.

3D modelling

Accelerate your 3D modelling workflow and increase your productivity when you power your software applications with workstations purpose-built for content creation and CAD.

GPU rendering

Whatever you create must be rendered, so free your workstation for creative applications and offload your rendering to a dedicated, multi-GPU, rendering system purpose-built to accelerate your workflow.

Media & Entertainment

Whether creating animation or visual effects, editing, streaming, or broadcasting, producing for M&E demands visually stunning work delivered by the release date or live production, so accelerate your create Manufacturing and Product Design

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

The ability to create detailed architectural, engineering, and construction models on a deadline is imperative to your firm’s success, so accelerate AEC software application performance with BOXX architect workstations and engineering workstations purpose-built

Government, Education, and More

Our workstation maximizes productivity and provides substantial ROI for all types of engineering, GFX, scientific research, virtual reality, and more