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LED Screen Wall Hire in Mumbai Company


LED Video Wall Rental Service

Taking a LED video wall on rent from Ktech Media Solution is the best option for any event. LED displays are a great way to show off your organization's achievements, and they will help attract new business. LED displays can also be used to promote charity events. Many companies are investing in these technologies to showcase their mission better. But how do you know which LED rental service is the right fit for your needs?

Rent LED Video Walls in Mumbai & Surrounding Suburban Areas

Ktech Media Solution in is the leading supplier of LED video walls on a rental basis in Mumbai & all suburban areas like Andheri, Gorgone, Worli, and Churchgate. Our LED service is ideal for corporate events, staged entertainment, trade shows, concerts, and other significant events. Their quick setup and easy-to-use installation make them a perfect choice for outdoor or indoor events. The size and shape of the screens are infinitely customizable, providing a better image for any occasion. The LED video wall is also an excellent choice for large concert halls.

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LED Video Wall Rentals for Corporate Events and Trade Shows

LED video walls is that they are a cost-effective solution for smaller businesses. Unlike oversized posters or billboards, these screens do not require installation. You can rent one from a rental company based on hourly or daily impressions. The cost of hiring an
LED video wall is determined by the location, size, and the number of impressions it receives. The cost increases for more significant LED signs and those placed on expressways, rural highways, or busy highways. 

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Led Rentals service in Mumbai

Application Usages of LED Screen Wall on Hire Rental


LED Screen Wall on Hire Rental Service in Mumbai. We have a wide selection of LED Walls for Hire within the stock we offer of Audio Visual Equipment for rent. Larges, big size LED screens with rectangular, square, and concave shapes.

Type Of LED Wall

Indoor LED Video wall Hire

Indoor LED Walls can be used for many functions and events. These walls are great for broadcasting and engaging at small and large events. A large screen allows your audience to fully immerse themselves in the event, making it a great way to enhance product launches, festivals, and sporting events.

Benefits of an LED video wall with high resolution:
*Live video feeds or playback in high-quality quality
*High-resolution digital display
Transfer from the computer to the video wall is easy<br>
*Flexible, attractive, and eye-catching ways to present your messages
*Animations with excitement
Untapped potential for institutions and businesses

Type Of LED Wall

Outdoor LED Video wall Hire

Make your outdoor event stress-free with our outdoor LED walls. Great for small and large events, they provide an immersive experience for your audience, enhancing product launches, festivals, and sporting events. Contact us to create a custom screen for any event size and get a quote. Our weatherproof covers protect the screen without affecting the image, making outdoor LED displays a powerful medium to promote, advertise, or host events. Optimal resolutions are available for various viewing distances and lighting conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Prices vary depending on the product, availability, and location. We do not publish pricing online for these reasons. You can still get an estimate of our LED rental rates by contacting us

The daily rental price includes an LED technician who will be available for the screen setup, operation, and teardown throughout the rental period. Your rental rate only covers the LED production (i.e., Camera feeds, i.e., content creation, sound, and Power management are usually an additional cost.)

Video inputs include HD-SDI, HDMI, DVI, Display Port, and VGA (16 by 9). Audio inputs are XLR

There are no limits to what can be displayed on our screens. Live TV, movies, web feeds, advertising and scoring are just a few examples. Are you looking for inspiration?

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Interactive displays are the most popular. Exciting content includes live messaging, social media streams, and camera feeds. Our professionals are happy to provide tailored advice to help you engage your attendees at events.


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